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We would like to share some key lessons learnt in 2017, which deserve to be highlighted.

10 things that stood out in 2017

10 – The power of financial management
Throughout life you hear people press on how important it is to save for a rainy day.
This does not really matter until it really hits you; until you have nowhere to turn. You then somehow think by default those closest to you should automatically finance you. 2017 presented just why having rainy day funds will do you good. Life hurdles and the unexpected could be on its way to your door. This is why having savings should be mentality practiced. Money really does make the world go round because this tool influences everyone everywhere and we need it to survive. Sometimes money issues can lead to other issues like a negative impact on our health and stress. Being able to separate wants vs. our needs for the future vs. the now and control on decision making over our lives, is the advantage we all deserve to have.

9 – The power of self-doubt
No one should know you better than you. Self-doubt is detrimental and can rob you of the success you could be achieving. Life really is not that easy; however it can get easier the less you doubt yourself. Trust your instincts because they are correct. That’s right, your instincts telling you day after day that you will be financially free and touch the lives of others are true. Believe in yourself because you will never come to know the unknown. So long as you are not causing harm to anyone, you might as well go for it.

8 – The power of being selective with energy
Think of someone who reacts to everything and everyone (that made you roll your eyes didn’t it)?. One of the reasons they may be this way is because they are not selective in where they choose to invest their energy. The battles you choose to fight and the ones you choose to let go of say a lot about you. We come across challenging scenarios every day of our lives. Because of this, being selective on where we place our energy can be the greatest influence for a smoother journey.

7 – The power of patience
Learning on the job is the unspoken way of life. There are certain things we must get to know and experience in order to reach the next stage of our lives. Patience is powerful and good practice brings a fruitful future.

6 – The power of transferred energy
Ever been around someone who moans constantly or blames everything that goes wrong on everyone else but themselves? The wrong energy can have you making the wrong decisions and feeling down. 2017 was a huge realisation that eliminating the wrong energy is a must. We cannot always just turn our backs on every circumstance we find ourselves in, but taking 5 to reset ourselves can bring our sanity right back. 

5 – The power of influence
This was tricky year full of bad influences. Obstacles presented themselves and each time it looked like it would be impossible to overcome. Eventually there was only one way to nip this in the bud. The most successful way to handle bad influences was to be 100% positive every single time. It may be tempting but it really is important to not give into to gossip or people bashing. Yes the others may be doing it and they will work as hard as possible to wheel you in. Remember you have a purpose you are working towards and nine times out of ten that purpose does not involve giving in to bad influences. 

4 – The power of gratitude
Gratitude has always been the ultimate life winner, it was evident in 2017. When things are going bad, left or not exactly how we anticipated; we can quickly forget about all the things that are going well in out lives. We can forget how to be grateful and see the bigger picture. No matter the circumstance we must remember it could always be much worse. Gratitude can open doors and lead you to the bright future you imagined and more. Saying thank you or showing respect to those who may not deserve it; or those who act irrational at every given opportunity is a quality worth having. If you want to stand out or be a noble person who holds significance, practice gratitude.

3 – The power of saying ‘NO’
Saying ‘NO’ has never been as popular as it has in 2017. Being able to say no at the right time demonstrates great self-management. This is because one can manage themselves well enough to know that saying no means they are not overcommitting themselves. Saying no is important to avoid being burnt out or having someone feeling resentful towards you after you agreed to do something, knowing full well you did not want to actually do in the first place. It is easy to feel used when you are always there for everyone but yourself. It really is time to take back your power and carefully juggle your decision making towards the word ‘no’

2 – The power of self-invested time
In 2017 there was no doubt about it; we saw the birth and rise of numerous entrepreneurs. Many people want to be in this position, which is great, however do not want to do the sowing. ‘You reap what you sow’ is a classic eye opener, which means exactly what it says. This year definitely showed us more than any other year that the more you put in the bigger you will get out. We are all worth our own time. Most of us are guilty of television binging, over indulging in social media and giving time to people we claim to be time wasters. Although the motivation is not always there, self-invested time is a priority. Self-invested time helps you to reveal the real you making you reach your full potential. Imagine what could come of your life if you took to time out to go your local library, attend the gym or further develop your skills that will help you earn money.

1 – The power of love
Love really does brings happiness. Whether being given or received it heavily impacts our lives. When you feel loved you are less likely to feel obliged to go looking for it than if you did not feel loved. Love greatly influences our lives and it shows through the way we treat others. Love should not be underestimated, as it is very impactful. Lastly self love. This conquers all as you must present it to yourself first to truly be able to give it. 


Wishing you a happy 2018

From behindtheopendoor to you


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