Why You’re Scared to be Bigger

You have huge dreams and constantly strive for more. Sometimes you question yourself for wanting more. But really when it comes down to it; you want more. It’s far from greed in your eyes because you have good intentions and that is to be able to give more.

Your ideas keep flowing through and what project breeds another. You constantly find new ways to be inspired and this happens very often. You have all the skills one could wish for and you always positively stand out, no matter where life takes you.

But theres just one thing that keeps holding you back from reaching the top; fear.

Photo Credit: http://lamaisondesign.tumblr.com/image/20796494680

You can’t see past your social circle
You admire your friends and acquaintances and couldn’t imagine missing our on your yearly reunions abroad. You have to be at every summer barbeque, every annual festival and every Christmas dinner (with your peeps) because its just tradition.  Attending these social settings means you still fit in. News flash, you especially, were not made to fit in. You want to make it big and ideally with familiar faces, therefore you couldn’t image it with stranger. You ask yourself who you will hang with and how bigger an better could things really get. The truth is, the real ones will reveal themselves with time and stick around for good. Seeing past your social circle is inevitable for the journey you are about to embark. It is a conscious choice and besides, it won’t hurt to take time out here and there to see them along your journey.


You’re scared of being alone
Everything you need to accomplish requires some down time. You know this and they do too. Therefore, and you guessed it; you need spend more time being alone. Why does being alone have to seen by you as such negative thing? Don’t you want to get to know yourself?. Imagine the areas of yourself you could unlock and how many skills you could nurture into something so huge. Why does your value have to be attached to other peoples views of you. You will be chasing their views forever if you don’t appreciate the opportunity to be alone. Create and educate when you are alone instead of feeling sorry for yourself.

The thought of being alone to you is boring and makes you worry. Having a crowd around you sounds just about right so that is your general ‘MO’ so do they.


People might start treating you differently
You want to fit in and you see yourself as an equal to just about everyone. This is the very reason that any ounce of standing out frightens you. You know your going to be successful and as a result of this; you don’t want it to come with the negatives like envy and jealously. Word might get out on your new profound life and you don’t know how it is you will handle it, let alone the world. The fear of being treated differently stops you because you don’t like all the attention. Just remember when you get there, you don’t have to gov in to the doubts and you are the one in control.


Romantic relationships
A significant other on the same wave as you! Sounds great right, but you have your doubts that this may be an issue. Currently finding love is difficult for you, simply because it  just is. You know that levelling up and becoming a boss means finding love could be even more difficult. But it doesn’t have to because you will certainly find someone on your level. You will be introduced to and have access to new people; who will open up a whole other world to you. This could happen in your very own hometown. Lighten up because you find the one you love doing what you love. It doesn’t have to be a choice between success and love; you can have both.


Harbouring talent 
A talented and gifted individual such as yourself harbours what comes naturally to you. How can someone so significant who holds such purpose harbour it all. Ever asked yourself why me, why have I been given all these talents? Its because you are the chosen one and the chosen one should choose to share it. There is a reason it was all given to you and just you. This is because you are the perfect candidate when it comes to delivering it. It is an important role and should be careful take care of. Get to executing, the world awaits you.


Being bigger does not have to be overbearing and you do not have to be the centre of attention if you choose not to. You have your own style when it comes to life and you get by okay. So you can implement the same rules here and you don’t have to be scared to do bigger and better.