Daddy Your The Issue

I’m not one to blame but it’s clear your the problem. All your offspring’s have a mutual understanding of who you are.

Actually who are you? You come and go unannounced digging a black hole which you leave empty on each visit with no empathy.

You often revisit this hole throwing things in such as conflict, accusation and antics of jealousy. between the ones you say you love.  The list goes on.

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How does someone thousands of miles away cause repetitive hurt and destruction yet not be present in the flesh?

Your the reason why the idea of Mr or Miss unavailable seems thrilling; a guilty pleasure, an amazing choice. There’s so many carbon copies of you about.


Our relationship is messed up, where did it go?
Where have you been?
hat is it that seems much more important?
Or is it you that’s all messed up?
Are you revealing your childhood, are you lacking love?
Daddy what is love, do you know what it is and are you able to explain to me?


I think I’ve concluded why i have previously accommodated the wrong partner each and every time. Yes, it’s because my capability to choose someone worthy is my biggest weakness. After all I learnt from the best. 

Daddy I have overcompensated and confided in the wrong people who have assured me with the wrong words and feelings. The feelings I’ve been missing from you.

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The result of you has left and entire army of insecure people who act uncontrollably because they suffer from hurt. It really is one big back and forth, here lies the daddy issue: 

She is manipulative, he is controlling,
She’s looking for love, he’s unavailable,
She wants him to explain his every move, he shuts down,
She spends all her time waiting for him, he couldn’t care less,
She lacks emotional independence and calls 8 times a day, he doesn’t see why he needs to check in.
She looks for clarity, he has no idea how to say I love you,
Her emotions get the better of her, he’s been taught to show none,
She’s always confrontational and thinks she will get her way,
He raises his voice and thinks a temper is the only way.
She’s disrespectful,
He’s unaffectionate.

She says “I’m looking for male attention”. He says “I’m struggling to be a man”
‘The daddy issue’

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You’re children blame their mother for trying her best. They fight with her, they don’t appreciate her and hold her responsible. They demand from her answers she also has for you.

You’ve found a new approach to escaping the problem as you do.
You’ve implemented an expectation onto the next man down in your family and now you hold him responsible. As he tidies tour mess, you are now the new reason he strives.

He wants to fill the gap, the potholes you’ve left, wiping several tears he takes on burden after burden.  As he goes out into the world, he becomes misunderstood and has no one to relate to.

He’s trying to refrain being laughed at by he’s friends for the things he does not own which gives him acceptance in society from his friends laughing at him. Mum can’t give him those things. As she says ‘No’ time and time again,  it becomes evident your absence becomes evident.

Your boy experiences hurt and develops resentment. He sees his siblings lacking on basic necessities. He wants mum to travel the world instead as opposed to the motorway to work. He wants her to live for free so she can do things which she really aspires to do.

‘He takes on your pressure’.

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What is a family dad?

I thought it was somewhere between you being the head of the house and supporting the family in more ways that exceed emotion.

What example have you given us?
How do we practice respect?
What should we expect from a spouse?

You’ve broken us up dad, your family! We have way too many awkward moments when we try and pick up where you’ve left off. We have struggled to give and receive love.

We give up on one another usually very quickly. You have a family who have no control over emotion; infuriation has become the normal way to retaliate to just about anything. Your consistent of lack of logic and uncertainty is what they gravitate towards. It is the thing they love to hate.

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Silence has become the unforgiven answer you demonstrate as the solution to your faults. What an infectious method you’ve passed down!

‘A missing union is a dangerous familiarity’

That is the issue because you’re the issue!


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