Handling Stress

We find ourselves in situation we could never imagine which leave us down and out. It seems as though tour world is falling apart and the ceiling are caving in. Our anxiety levels reach their peak and all we want to do is hide, avoid anything social and fear facing the problem at hand. Stress is nothing that should be handled alone. Here are some tips:

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Accept that with life there comes stressful times which often occur unexpectedly. Stress can come in multiple forms, there is good stress and there is bad stress, they both come full force and in unappealing ways. Learning to take each day as it comes and being open to what life has to throw at you is a skill gained  with time. Fully letting go means there are some things that are out of your control and this includes not looking back and only focusing on moving forward.

There are many ways to relive stress especially when you feel stuck or like no one seems to get you. Get physical by enjoying time outdoors taking a walk or maybe attending your favourite class at the gym. Yoga will be a great opportunity to be at peace and clear your mind.

You know that friend, colleague or family member who knows exactly what to say; get in contact with them. Sometimes all you need is to hear is “everything will be okay”. Surround yourself with people who make you feel confident. If this was a situation you found yourself in as result of bad planning, why not jot down new ways on approaching the situation next time round.

Forward Thinking
There will be better days ahead, its not the end it is just this chapter in your life. There is always something positive to take from an unfortunate circumstance. Usually this is something you would not have learnt or valued had you not been in this situation. Embrace this moment and its not forever. Look ahead because sooner rather than later you will be in a position where to look back and your current situation will be your testimony.

Lighten Up
Don’t be so hard on yourself, you will get there. That exam or that promotion may be all that is occupying your mind. My dear friend its weighing you down and keeping you up all night. Wanting something so bad leading to overthinking can also be harmful to your health and well being. Lighten up, take a step back relax, don’t be so uptight because what is mean to be will be.

Smile Sunshine!