Sorry Not Sorry

I’m sorry I’m not sorry. I’ve never really been in situations where I’ve had to say I’m sorry. I tend to avoid getting into situations that require me to be sorry. Maybe me being over analytical and considerate is the blessing which helps me avoid the generic persons conflict which usually ends in an apology.

I don’t tend to play with peoples feelings nor lead people on. I’m clear, I’m straightforward, I’m honest, I’m considerate, I’m tolerant.

 I’m just not sorry!

Is me being sorry just to benefit your self-esteem? If I don’t mean it, does it actually count. My impression is that the word should only be used when it is meant.

Photo Credit: Jon Swainson

Some of us are always sorry and intentionally step out of line because we can quickly patch it up and shut them up by saying sorry.

Yes I do apologise for things here and there, a missed deadline or a delay in returning a call or text. It has never been something if struggled with. It is however a struggle when I know you expect an apology due to a misunderstanding of the interpretation of my communication.

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I guess friendships are different from relationships. The scenarios are different, the compromise is bigger. My friends haven’t checked me but I guess they don’t see that side to me.

I let it all out when I see you, that is real realisation. No its shouldn’t be the case where I ignore your feelings as a result of my actions. 

I know your mad at me for not acknowledging my sorry ways. It is very interesting how one can rely on a ‘sorry acknolegment’ in order to move forward with. Is it a background or a culture difference. Were we raised that much differently that some situations are seen worse to some than others. Are you used to being sorry?

Am I struggling to understand that I was wrong? I am willing to work on it with you. 

Looking back I am actually sorry; I guess friendships are different from relationships; the scenarios are different. 


I’m sorry for not being sorry for my actions.


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