Looking For Employment

Come to the realisation you’ve had enough in your current job, or maybe want to explore a new career path or even a new field?

Well good on you, you want to progress!

You’ve now gone in with full force and made a generous number of job applications expecting immediate results. Now what? You haven’t heard anything back. What happened to that recruiter who promised to give you a call?. Everytime you follow up, they happen to be away from their desk. Hmm!

You’ve even realise the closing date for an application you made a few weeks ago has passed, but for some reason you’ve heard nothing. Oh here we go; unfortunately on this occasion…… “while we realise this may be disheartening”….you know the rest right?

Now you are feeling frustrated that this process is just not happening the way you anticipated?

Photo Credit: gypsymess.tumblr.com

Timing is everything
Allow time for you application to be reviewed. This is all part of the selection process as they’re are many candidates to choose from. In the end, things will fall into to place eventually at the right time and you will be glad you waited.

Be Realistic
Be as realistic as possible. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I actively looking and being persistent? 
  • How many applications am making in a day? 
  • Am I taking advantage of all my resources? 
  • Is my cv and experience relevant to this job position? 
  • Am I contacting the relevant people?
  • Am I really selling myself?

It is important to utlise your time wisely. We can all stress how much our time is limited. Use those minutes, which turn into hours that you use checking your timelines or even reading those newspapers and subssitute these into the to revolution of job search. Ensure your cv is upto date staing all you new achievements, experience and skills. The recruiter has no idea who you are, sow yourself off!.

There are many job boards; indeed, monster, reed and even the biggest professional newtord LinkedIn. We are in the day and age where technology’s is expediting its biggest testimony. Set up your profile and get yourself out there.

Your Attitude
Adopt the right attitude, which includes remaining positive and enthusiastic. It can be difficult, there may be set backs. It might be hard wearing a smile in a current job. Remember, just because you may be unhappy or going through the motions, there is no need to be poisonous or make others suffer because you happen to be experiencing defeat. You do not want to poison others with you loss of enthusiasm and lack of motivation. Ensure you are doing all you can to influence your graceful exit.

It can be a frustrating time especially when you are being rejected for jobs you know have the credentials for. Bear in mind this is not personal as they may be 50 other like you. Remain confident, it is very easy to loose your mojo.

Be Bold
Don’t be afraid to pull a few strings. Call up and ask to speak to someone in Human resources. Could you know more on the job description just so it is a definite match?. You can send a kind follow up email after succeeding. Now human resources know your name! 

Do not be afraid to apply for a position which may be one level up. After all you want a challenge right?. State this in your personal profile if there is not opportunity to state this on your application. Scream about how passionate you are to push to the next level.
If you do not get the job, no need to take it personal. Thinking of confronting your recruiter? or maybe even taking a dig at HR?, hold back!.

A follow up call or email for feedback will always be an underrated tactic. After all you have nothing to loose. You may even be put forward for another role. Recruiters are busier than you can imagine. They often have their hands full, which can make you a distant memory. Communicate a gentle reminded that you’re still interested. It is important to stay relevant especially if you believe you’ve stand a chance.

Along the way of your job hunt, you will learn something about yourself, which should quickly be recognised. Step out of your comfort zone and remember you are worth it. One door may close, but another will be opening for you right round the corner.

The job needs you your amazing!