15. Chose your fear wisely because it could cost you more in the long run

14. Correct yourself before someone else does. I was wrong. Repeat after me I was wrong.

13. A lot of people are miserable

12. Seeing the good in people can be overrated

11. People are full of shit Call them out

10. They just don’t get it or even get you

9. Telling people upfront you don’t need their advice or help.

8. Things seem easy until you have to repeat them

7. Don’t give them the ammunition

6. Give the best to the best not to the worst

5. They’ve been out here grinding. Don’t envy them

4. Today is special and I’m going to use my special shit

3. Postpone it but not for long. Sometimes we just run out of energy

2. Prepare for it

1. Shine on em,


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