Pick Me Up

Whether it is Monday morning or your first day back to reality after a holiday; or maybe after a quarrel with a spouse or a friend you find yourself in need of being uplifted.

10 steps to get you back up and running!

Photo Credit: https://www.artlimited.net/image/en/401529

Wake up early and make breakfast
Fill up on your favorite fruits, energy, super grains

Play your favorite song
Bring out those old school tunes.

Look at great memories from the past
Go through your camera roll of holiday photos of yourself, photos of family and friends. Pull out a photo album and make yourself smile.

Write some goals
Buy yourself a fancy notebook and jot down those places you’ve always wanted to visit.

Make use of you phone
Text a family member or friend, find out how they are and ask them to catch up some time or even to talk.

Take time off
Book the day off work, take a swim, a jog around the park, organise a coffee date for one, hire a baby sitter.

Discover a hobby
Have something to look forward to. Meet people while doing things you love, build a network.

Pamper yourself
Face mask at home, soaking up in a bath, manicure or pedicure. Treat yourself, you matter.

Clear out your wardrobe, reorganise your dressing table (add a diffuser for that luxury touch). buy some new car mats or even an air freshener, change the background on your phone.

Reflect on someone, something or circumstance you appreciate. Think about how far you’ve got and your journey getting there.


Make that change today!