Dear Mama

I now know you sacrificed a lot when you gave birth to me. I can't even imagine how emotionally drained you were at that point; just before we were about to meet for the first time.  I'm sorry it took me so long to realise. 27 years to be precise. It's funny mama because I … Continue reading Dear Mama


Mourning Alive

I'm mourning you but your alive.  Alive, living and breathing but you haunt me like a dark shadow. No condolences have come my way so why does it feel like your dead? I have some highly anticipated questions I would you to answer: Why did you leave? Were you hurting? Do you have regrets? Was … Continue reading Mourning Alive


Behindtheopendoor would like to thank you for your continuous support. We would like to share some key lessons learnt in 2017, which deserve to be highlighted. 10 things that stood out in 2017 10 – The power of financial management Throughout life you hear people press on how important it is to save for a … Continue reading 2017

10 Years Of Fear

Dear 10 years of fear,  I am leaving you behind because this is the only thing you deserve. You’ve been very lonely, You’ve caused me pain, You’ve caused me financial strain, You’ve birthed insecurities, You’ve caused me emotional strain, You’ve been exhausting, You’ve been traumatising, You’ve been misleading, You’ve awakened bodily issues, You’ve caused me … Continue reading 10 Years Of Fear