Theft At Birth

You’ve stolen my happiness; I demand you give it back. Years have gone by, I have flourished, I have forgiven, I have moved on.

Why can’t I just forget about it? Why do I break down every time I think of you?.

It’s because you stole my happiness at birth. I need it back because it belongs to me. I’ve spent decades looking for it in the wrong places and in the wrong people even search engines. Your supposed to be my first point of reference.

Photo Credit: Sanctuary by Sarah Treanor

I think I’ve nearly healed but you always pull me back. You are negative towards me, you blame me and in the end you hurt me.

I’m your offspring; you should want the best for me. Why have you shown repetitive hatred towards me? Why have you singled me out, I’m innocent, not guilty. Why can you set me free?

You tear me down and shortly after demand a territorial space in my life. Your manipulative because your blaming me about me. Connecting with you is more painful than distance. It’s just a fad because you will forget about me tomorrow. It’s just a cycle.

You have your favorites and don’t even hide it. You leave a lump in my throat every time. You’ve turned me into a reused matchstick; worn and burnt out hoping to be relit lit up every time without crumbling. You obstruct me when I build, you’re not happy for me.

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I’ve tried to avoid the blame game. When I get help they only want me to get over it. If I vent to them they will only congratulate me on my achievements. They can’t see the pain because I’m immune to disappointment.

The issue is blind sighted because they’re looking for answers to give me. They’re trying to define something which cant be described for they’re own satisfaction. Now I’ve got nowhere; they’ve only reminded me of the unfortunate circumstance.

I’ve tried to reason with and relate to the same victims, but how can two sick people help each other?. They will only drown in their sorrows or one will drag the other down. It will become a puddle of pity. An unresolved heavily adjourned case.


Why do you remind of what you’ve stolen from me, especially when the fall arrives? You make me want to live a wild life, act non-composed, be ruthless, unbothered, reckless, like you! You make me want to make a ton of excuses and fall into a habit; go off the rails. You make me want to intentionally offend people.

It seems to be the better option, the option with the least amount of pain. You seem to be getting on okay, so why wouldn’t I want to choose your method of approach?

I want to be fixed, I reckon I’m on the mend but  you’ve already pushed me over and broken me. Can you fix a broken vase?

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It is said that happiness is found within, but what if it was stolen from you at birth by both parties? Where do you go from here?

I’ve planted happiness in my veins, I’ve made this my goal, I smile, I laugh but there’s a hole in my heart because you’ve stolen it!



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