You’re Selfish

Why are you so selfish?

You don’t think about my feelings or me. I’m constantly trying to understand what makes you this way. Do you think I’m weak because I’m not. You’ve just told me you knew what you said; that your actions towards me were going to hurt me, but you did it anyway. Is it because I told you I was never going to leave you?

Why have you began to undervalue me since then. Does it really pay off to be like you because you seem to benefit from having no care in the world? I wish I could, actually I never wish to be like you. You are so cold.

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You have a true talent; you’re able to pull the wool over the eyes of many. They believe you every time. You only care about your ego. Why is it so huge?. We have been through so much together and I deserve more. I’m your offspring, you’re my guardian, you’re my parent, you’re my spouse, you’re my sibling.

You make me feel so lonely, you are supposed to protect me. Am I your victim because you’re doing a great job. How is it when I express my life concerns, you quickly make it all about you. How is it that I owe you all of a sudden, why do your issues have more of an entitlement but the same rules don’t apply to me?

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Your making me look bad. You’ve only told your side of the story and not mine. I am not the cause you are. Why can you own up?

You put me down but then conveniently need my help. Do you even know me? Oh so you heard that I am the go to person, I thought I had too much of an opinion? Why would you need help from someone like me?

You left me when I needed you he most and now you walk back in as if you’ve just come back from picking up the daily paper.

Ok so now it’s my time to shine because you have had your season which I fully supported. Why cant you be happy for me. You always want to steal my joy, almost like you think I don’t deserve happiness.

Why do I always have to wait for you for hours at a time, for you to decide if you want to remain angry at me?. Why do you walk out without saying a thing, I don’t even know when you will be back.

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Why are you always making promises, you always take and never give. Now we are not talking tangible things. What happened to time or even a shoulder to lean on.

Why are you so dismissive and want me to be all the way submissive? 
Am I at fault here because I patiently painfully keep waiting for you to change? Why do I have hopes that each time you perform your selfish act, it is the last?

I am the real selfish one for tolerating your ways.

Maybe I should be more considerate to myself and stop taking advantage of me; by accommodating you!


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