Dear Best Friend

I wish you were back sooner than later.


I’ve always thought of you as someone who is more than just a friend. Someone who I am ultimately proud of; a beautiful being. You’ve left a footprint in my heart; I can’t imagine life without you, you make you smile. You stuck by even when I was difficult; your there when I need you, you had my back.

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There are some things that happen in generic friendships. It’s never crossed my mind we would be part of the statistic. How did it find us, who knew we.…. 

Would drift apart.

When putting in the work became one sided.

That you will make less effort.

That you would give me the cold-shoulder.

Your contact would be lost.

 I find myself thinking about you much more than I’ve ever had to. I am afraid you’ll become a stranger. What will I do if you don’t want to be friends anymore, will you tell me?

Could it be a new relationship although that shouldn’t be a reason. Could it be something I’ve said? Could it be something I didn’t say; could it be something someone’s said to you? Is there something I need to know?.

I miss you and the old times; the ambitious talk, the future of us.

The gleam in our eyes, when we speak on where we hoped to be. 

You’re irreplaceable, please don’t ever loose touch or let time get in the way. I hope I am always in you’re heart because you live in mine.

I’ve never met another one like you. I find myself comparing them to you.

Are you my soulmate?

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I must thank you for being who you are; for accepting my flaws. You showed me how to have the feminine touch. Early on you never left me out when it came to sharing your knowledge on growth. You’d seen the light in me when I was ruthless, lost, and had wreckless ways of thinking. The selfish thoughts, actions and decisions I would undertake. Not seeing any wrong doings, you would talk me through the right way. You’ve brought out the best and worst in me how is that?. No one yet has been able to put me in place and want the best for me in the way you do it.

I know things change for the better, but I hope that means we still remain. I’ve kept my pact to keep in contact but you haven’t on yours. No one should ever come in between us, as we know us; and they don’t.

You’ve never cropped up through dreams and daydreams as much as you have now. Being apart this long has showed me the significance of you in my life. Still it’s a challenge I must learn to handle.

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I never knew it would change this much, well at least that what you assured me. They say everything happens for a reason, this one I cant spell out.


Dear best friend, I wish you were back sooner than later.


Signed Me.xxxx


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